Maid Services is Setting the Bar for Seattle House Cleaning Services!

Maid Services is Setting the Bar for Seattle House Cleaning Services!

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Maid Services has been providing the finest cleaning services ever since 2005. Today, Maid Services has established itself as a leading provider of home cleaning professionals by those considering a Seattle based house cleaning service. We are very proud of our expert cleaning staff, whose only passion is to provide high quality maid services in order to create a healthy and clean home environment. Maid Services cleaning professionals also take pride in delivering what has been referred to as a “jaw-dropping clean” look to the homes we service.


By seeking cleaning services from us, you can be assured to keep your home away from harsh chemicals. We do not entertain cleaning products with heavy chemicals. As an alternative, we will always consider a green clean method, by using biodegradable cleaning products whenever possible.  Only the tested and approved cleaning products that top the list in the market are being used by Maid Services cleaners. Your home will therefore be toxin- free. This will really help to provide the safest clean for your pets and younger family members.  We take promoting a healthy ecosystem seriously will always opt for the use of green cleaning products whenever possible.


We know the discomfort that can be caused by the employment of a revolving team to clean your home. Hence, we do not encourage such a system. The same set of cleaners who attend your home the first time will come back to clean every time you call. There is no need for you to juggle here and there to get cleaning equipment and other related products. Our professional cleaners bring all that is necessary to provide a “jaw-dropping clean” for your home. Feel free to call us anytime for any advice on maintaining your home. Once you experience our cleaning services, we assure that you’d feel really proud to look at your healthy, green cleaned home! We are available at any time of the week. Our team of professional cleaners are eager to provide homes in the Seattle Puget Sound with a “jaw-dropping clean” where our clients continue to smile with each cleaning service!

Leave the house work to us!

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