Maid Services provides custom cleaning services to our clients in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties.  Common recurring cleaning tasks include but are not necessarily limited to…

Kitchen cleaning tasks:  Countertops, backsplash, sink and the inside of the window behind the sink, range top, range hood, countertop appliances, appliance faces, microwave (inside and out), inside self-cleaning oven (as needed), outside and top of refrigerator, cabinet and drawer vertical surfaces, and damp moping the floor (as appropriate).

Bathroom cleaning tasks:  Countertops, backsplash, sinks, shower enclosure (one piece insert or tile and grout), clean and sanitize the toilet, fold and straighten towels, cabinet and drawer vertical surfaces, carpet vacuumed and/or floor damp moped.

All areas tasks:  Collect trash and recycle, cobweb removal, dust all horizontal surfaces and knick-knacks, clean sliding glass door, window sills and ledges, doors and door frames, under cushions and couches, wall art frames, vacuum carpets, vacuum upholstered furniture (may be rotated), and damp mop floors.

Items that are rotated from one visit to the next:  Baseboards, window blinds, vacuum upholstered furniture, carpet edge vacuuming, inside of refrigerator, and inside non self cleaning oven.  Optional:  Make beds and wash/dry laundry.

Move-In/Out extras:  Clean inside reachable windows (may be added to rotated list above), inside all cabinets and drawers, inside empty closets, and under appliances (Please note that we will not pull appliances out from a wall unless they are on glides or wheels and only with the client’s explicit permission and waiver of possible damage to floor).